Our technology is pure rocket science.

Kngine answers 2x more questions compared to Siri, Wolfram | Alpha and Evi in less time

How Kngine Works?

Kngine is powered by a novel hybrid question answering engine that utilizes the efficiency of the Knowledge-Based approach and the power of the Deep Learning approaches.

The Extraction Engine

Kngine's Extraction Engine curates large amounts of unstructured crawled data by leveraging natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms.

As it reads through the data, it learns meaningful concepts, information and relationships. After verification, this information constitutes the foundation of Kngine Knowledge Graph.

The Question Answering Engine

Our noval hybrid question answering engine make use of the efficiency of the Knowledge-Based approach and the power of Deep Learning approaches. The Question Answering Engine use natural language processing and machine learning to understand the question and traverse the Knowledge Graph to compute the answer.

The question answering engine also searches statistically for clues, hypothesis, and possible answers in unstructured data.
However unlike normal statistical engines that takes minutes to hours to answer a single question, our engine is designed to be very efficient and hence quicker that other engines.Kngine answers 99% of the questions in under 1 seconds!

The World First Multi-language Question Answering Engine

Kngine is the world's first multi-language question answering engine. Currently, Kngine supports English, Arabic, German and Spanish. More languages are to be added soon.

The Benchmark

In a third party benchmark test, based on NIST guidelines. Kngine outperform Siri, Wolfram | Alpha and Evi by a factor of 2x.

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